About Us

Sporting Club First Touch 04 was set up in 2004 and is owned and run by former professional footballer Billy Bone.

The primary activities of Sporting Club First Touch 04 are football coaching, player development and placement to professional football clubs on completion of secondary education.

Sporting Club First Touch 04 is based in Ashford Kent, and serves to educate and develop young talented footballers in Kent, Sussex and surrounding areas.

Sporting Club First Touch 04 aims to provide players from age 9 – 16 year olds with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and practical skills in football, in a structured, disciplined and professional environment.

Sporting Club First Touch 04 enables youngsters through my training scheme get exposure to the values associated with Sporting Club First Touch 04 such as leadership, teamwork, respect for others, solidarity, the need for continued effort and commitment in their football alongside the technical and tactical aspects of the game delivered in a fun and safe environment. I am consistently challenging the players to do their best to develop further in accomplishing their goal for playing football at a professional level.

Whilst there are no guarantees for any player making it as a professional footballer, a player with the correct education, aptitude and application will have the best chance of success above others.

Throughout our game in the UK, there is a real obsession for players to compete and win numerous school,district,club and county matches each week during the year, with little emphasis on the education, rest and recovery of the player.

The demands involved only lead to fatigue, pressure, frustration and consequently players losing interest in the beautiful game of football.

At Sporting Club First Touch 04, we do not provide a weekly games programme, so the player continues to play for their respective school and clubs each week during the season.

However alongside focusing our time and energy in educating and developing the player, we will periodically provide games for players to showcase their talent against professional clubs throughout the UK and in other European countries.

Like any professional organisation Sporting Club First Touch 04 strength is in scouting and attracting players who have shown promise at school or club level.

We have many players who too, have been released from professional football clubs at an early age.

We take great pride with our recruitment policy, this ensures that we maintain a high level of quality at each of our sessions.

Players are identified and watched by our coaching staff who are continually watching junior and youth games each week.

If you believe that your child has the potential to play at a high level of football in the future, yet believe he has never been given the opportunity by receiving the proper guidance, football education, in a professional environment, then please do not hesitate in contacting us with details of his next 3 fixtures and we will endeavour to watch him and contact you.

Billy Bone

Sporting Director